WANDERLUST| Grilled goodness at Bulgogi Brothers

AFTER a meatless week, we, carnivores, can now go back to our protein-rich diet. To welcome our return, Bulgogi Brothers at SM Lanang Premier has prepared a gratifying barbecue steak experience with their Choice Barbecue Steaks.
“Our Choice Barbecue Steaks is a superb line-up of USDA Choice Grade and US imported Angus Beef. We only use the finest cuts of beef and pork, thus, expect a truly gastronomical indulgence with each bite,” assured Ronald Mejos, Davao marketing head of The Bistro Group, the company behind prime specialty restaurants, such as Bulgogi Brothers, Italianni’s, TGIFridays, among others.
During the media tasting, Bulgogi Brothers prepared seven barbecue platters under their Choice Barbecue Steaks. This includes their Sirloin Steak Platter, a combination of rib eye steak, boneless short ribs and sirloin steak; Beef Belly Platter, a trio of rib eye steak, boneless short ribs and beef belly barbecue; Pork Belly Platter, a plate of Korean BBQ favorites that include rib eye steak, boneless short ribs, and grilled pork belly; Sirloin Steak, lean and generous slice of sirloin steak; Rib Eye & Short Ribs Combo, generous servings of Bulgogi Brothers’ premium combination; and Rib Eye Steak, hefty slices of fully marbled US rib eye steak.
“Our signature barbecue steak platters are quite hefty, thus, they are ideal for sharing with friends and families. They are also served with lettuce and/or rice,” said Bulgogi Brothers manager Jacqueline Dinglasan.
“We also assure our diners that they’re ony getting the highest quality beef just by looking at the gorgeous contrast of red meat and flecks of white fat that give the steak its marble-like pattern,” added Mejos.
Expect each morsel of meat to be a delightful sensation of flavor, texture and tenderness – all the stuff that takes us to meaty heaven. Bulgogi Brother’s Choice Barbecue Steaks start at P1,795.00.
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